Jesus will take away your fear!

Just take a moment to read over these words and really think about what they mean. . .

All the people in the world are afraid of many things.

They fear evil spirits.
They fear sorcery.
They fear sickness.
They fear other people.
They are afraid to die.
But when you know God, your fears will finish.

God is more powerful than anyone else.
He is very strong.
He loves you.
He wants to help you.
He wants you to be His child.
He wants to be your Father.
God lives in heaven (the sky), but He can see everything.
He knows everything.
He hears all your talk.
He wants to help you.

But God does not like our bad fashion.
His fashion is only good.
He wants to make our fashion like His good fashion.
God sent His Son Jesus Christ, to this earth.
He brought God’s fashion.
But because of our bad fashion Jesus died.
He died upon a cross.
When He died He made our bad fashion payment.
Jesus died for us.
He only can help us.
He only can give us God’s good fashion.
He only can wash away our bad fashion, but Jesus is very strong.

Death could not hold Him.
He arose again from the grave.
Now He lives always.
Jesus is God’s gift to us.
Jesus wants to give us everlasting life.

You cannot see Jesus, but He can see you.
You can talk to Him. Say to Him, “Jesus, take away my bad fashion.
Give me Your good fashion.
I want to be God’s child.
I want God to be my Father.”
Say these words truly.
Jesus hears you.

Jesus takes away your bad fashion.
You are God’s child.
Now you want to do His good fashion only.
When you are God’s child, God will take care of you.
Wherever you go, Jesus will be with you.
Evil spirits cannot harm you.
You do not need to be afraid of sorcery.
You need not be afraid of anything.
God is very strong.
He will take care of you.

When you are sick, tell Him.
He will help you.
When you are sad, He will make you happy.
When you pray to God truly, He always hears you.
Our words are weak but His ear is able.

Day and night are alike to Him.
When night comes, we sleep. God does not sleep.
His strength is big.
At night we pray and God hears.
God hears when we pray in the daytime.
He hears when we pray in our village.
He hears when we pray in the forest.
God is happy when we pray to Him. He wants to help us.
His strength is big.
He says to us – leave your bad fashion.
Do not lie; do not steal; do not commit adultery; do not kill; do not covet.
Hold God’s fashion.
Walk with Jesus.
He will help you always.

-@Author Unknown



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